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Living in Germany & European Travels
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Visiting beautiful gardens near Dublin Ireland
March 18, 2005

A trip with Kontakt Club Members to France
All smiles after a good meal on a cold day

Traveling by train through Europe is relaxing, stressfree, simple, and the sights are breathtaking.   The high speed trains offer comfort, convenience, and are reasonably priced.  Plus the traveler can get off the train to stop and see the pretty places and then get back on another train and continue toward the paid destination.    The transportation system links all of Europe.   If the USA had such a transportation system then Americans could enjoy similar travels.

Traveling by train through the Swiss Alps
August 2005, oh so beautiful

Summer 2004
Computers and Photography and LOVE for Travel

King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria
August 8, 2005 trip to Bavaria

So many beautiful places to visit.... ahhhh Italy!   Milano, Pisa, Vicenza, Venice, Roma, Sardegna (oh really nice)..... so many places to see and visit.   I could spend my whole life traveling and meeting the wonderful people and seeing the historic places not to mention the fun shopping.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy
visiting Pisa Italy in March 2005

Visited England, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, traveled through Switzerland,  and live in Germany (2003 to present)

St. Patrick's Day Parade March 17, 2005
A handsome horseman showing with pride

Christmas 2004 in Parsberg, Bavaria
Christmas in Germany is so beautiful

For a once in a lifetime event I traveled to Dublin, Ireland with a friend along with a tour group.   We saw the famous St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 17, 2005.  Afterwards witnessed the parties throughout the city and the following days visited casles and much more out in the countryside.   The Irish people were delightful, friendly, and very welcoming.  Definitly a place to return.

St. Patrick's Day, Dublin Ireland
After the parade on March 17, 2005

June 2005, in a market in Blankenese, Germany
Fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers... beautiful Germany

Sardenga in November 2003
Gracia and Gina along the coast

Bicycling in Heidelberg along the Neckar river continues to be inspirational.   Always something new to see with lots of activities of varying types of boats along the river, tourists taking pictures of the famed castle and bridge, locals enjoying the grassy parks, lovers holding hands along the different paths.  So much to see and enjoy.  I love Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Germany
Along the Neckar river with the Castle in background

Stonehenge in England
A cool, clear, cry day visiting the famed area in England

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